Welcome to Friends of Stir's

Friends of Stir’s is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. We are committed to give back in the fight against global hunger by working with local, national, and international food banks, schools, shelters, and agencies in the fight against hunger.

The mission of Friends of Stir’s is simple: Bring food to those that are hungry! Our commitment is to contribute to the worldwide humanitarian effort to eradicate hunger. Those without the means to provide enough food for themselves are our main focus.

One person can make a difference. Without vision and food, the people perish. Partnering with the cereal store Stir’s, and many other individual, corporate and philanthropic donors, we can provide food to those in need as well as educational endeavors that facilitate self-sufficiency and job training. No child should go to bed hungry!

No sticky fingers! Every dollar that is donated to Friends of Stir’s will be used for the purchasing of food for the hungry. It is that simple. The administration and facilitation of our charity is run completely on donated time and resources by the board of directors.

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Ounces of Cereal

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For more information about Stir’s Cereal visit: www.stirs.com

For more information about the Stir’s Promise visit: https://stirs.com/giveback/

For more information about Friends of Stir’s see Our By-laws and our Description of Activities